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I was actually a skinny kid until I got out of high school. At that point I did start to gain some extra weight but was able to keep it under control with exercise and various fad diets. The real weight gain happened when as a young wife and new mother I stopped exercising and did not watch my food intake.

It was not until my son entered preschool that I started to exercise again and to eat a low-fat diet that I lost those extra 30 pounds. I even became a personal certified trainer. The problem I discovered, however, was that despite my exercising every day and cutting fats out of my diet, the weight crept back up on me.

As a certified personal trainer, I found it embarrassing that I could not lose those extra pounds of middle-age fat. Even though I continued to eat a low fat diet and conducted exercise classes every day, my body just would not give up those pounds. It bothered me to be advising my clients on weight loss when I continued to struggle with getting and keeping fit. It was really frustrating when I though I was eating correctly.

In searching to find answers, I came across Dee's first book at one of the local natural food stores. Her plan made so much sense to me that I decided to sign up for her eight week class. The classes were great! Dee taught me so much about nutrition and the science of food.

Following her plan, I started to eliminate all refined and processed foods from my diet while adding in more natural foods including healthy fats. I now always start my day with hot lemon juice and am never without my cranberry juice infused water. Plus, with all of the veggies, fruits, grains, and healthy oils that I eat on her plan, I find that I never feel deprived. I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to be able to eat real oils again as I started making Dee's salad dressings.

I loved Dee's recipes so much that after a year of following her plan on my own, I decided to sign up for her meal delivery program. Not only have I happily lost and kept off those stubborn 25 extra pounds, my husband has lost 20 pounds by eating Dee's meals.

I feel so good and have more energy. My skin has gotten clearer, and my hair has a new shine and fullness to it that even my hairdresser commented on how healthy my hair is now.

It is so rewarding when my clients notice how trim I now look. I tell people that I was battling with fat every day and now I feel like I have won the war.

I want women experiencing the change of life who now have a weight problem to know that there is a right way to loose the weight. They can eat healthy without starving themselves.

Kathy Kopack, Scottsdale, Arizona

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