Salmon Burger on Sprouted Bread


Author: Zachary Knop
Description: Here is a nutritious hot lunch you can eat from one of Dee Forum's biggest contributors: Zachary Knop. Called the salmon burger served on sprouted bread or bun, it is absolutely delicious and nutritious!
1 6 oz. can wild salmon (boneless and skinless preferred)
2 slices of low sodium organic Ezekiel sprouted wheat (bread) or sprouted burger bun
2 tablespoons of organic finely blended oats
2 tablespoons of oat bran
3/4 cup of organic tomato sauce or puree

Lettuce, sprouts, tomatoes, onions, avocado, etc. for sandwich filling


If your canned salmon has bones it it, remove the bones. Throw in the oats, oat bran and the tomato puree.
Mix well and cook on the George Foreman grill about 11 minutes or you can cook on a frying pan using no oil.
Place two slices of Ezekiel sprouted wheat bread into the toaster or heat sprouted bread in the oven or toaster oven.
Place the salmon patty on top of the bread or bun and serve.  You can sandwich the patty together or just serve the patty on half of the bread.  Add veggies for more nutrition and enjoy!


You are getting the protein, calcium, omega 3 and magnesium from the wild salmon. Fiber from the oat bran and the oats. B vitamins from the oats and the sprouted wheat slice. Plus extra protein, B vitamins and other various vitamins from the sprouted wheat. Veggies add more nutrients.


Zachary Knop


Preparation Time: 30 min Difficulty:very simple
Portions:1 portion Amount:
Country/Region: Costs per Portion:
Vegetarian:No lactose free:Yes
gluten free:No Calorie:
Fat: Protein:
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