The Apple and the Soda Print
Thursday, July 23, 2009

Here is a note and poem from a reader at University of Arizona Nursing School:

Hi Dee and Michael,
Just wanted to express my thanks for the work you are doing for humanity - I came across your site and recipes a few years ago while teaching nursing at Uof AZ where I am currently working on my PhD.  I spoke to Michael briefly after ordering your last book- love the recipes and info.

Anyway, I am a writer and poet and wrote this little piece the other day and thought you might enjoy -

*The Apple and the Soda*

The apple met the soda

And they had a few words to say

The apple said "I'm sweet and I don't cause tooth decay"

The soda said "I'm sweet, and I cost less than you

So more people buy me to get themselves through"

"Well that's true," said the apple "but your reign cannot last

For type 2 diabetes is growing way too fast

As kids and their parents are getting fatter and fatter

And soon they will know you're a cause of the matter."

"Well," said the soda, "talk to my cousin white flour

For he's in on it too and holds lots of power."

"I know" apple said, but soon the people will see

That real food isn't created in a big factory

Real food is grown and nourished from Earth

And just like a child it takes time to birth

So please help spread the word, instead of the can

So that every child, woman and man can eat

Food that is sweet to their mind, body and soul

And the number one goal is not corporate wealth

But health and well-being for all who live-

*Jen Reich*

*Monterey 7-20-09*