Wanna Help Fight Childhood Obesity in Arizona? Print
Written by Michael McCaffrey   
Saturday, July 31, 2010

For those who live in Arizona and are interested in being an active part of fighting childhood obesity - picture this.

You actively working with stakeholders at a local school to make improvements in the school's nutrition, physical activity, and tobacco use prevention.

This could be you, and the State of Arizona Department of Education received a federal grant so it needs many of you to do this - a total of 16 "School Health Index Facilitator" positions are available.

Now, be advised, the pay for this position is not at all a salary; it's more of a stipend. But you get training and it could give you new experience in the health and obesity prevention area. Your goal is to encourage each school to establish it's own health advisory board and help them complete the School Health Index self-assessment.

One would need flexibility in their current work to do this position, which program leaders say is only a few visits and some phone calls per school. Also, it's only a one-year project ending October or November 2011.

For those interested, the official document on the position is: http://www.centerforprocessedfreeliving.org/documents/SHI_Facilitator_Info.pdf

For those who are really interested, here's the application: http://www.centerforprocessedfreeliving.org/documents/SHI_Facilitator_Application.pdf

Deadline is September 10th, 2010, so don't delay. Contact information is on the application. Good luck!