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I was referred to Dee McCaffrey for treatment of my arthritis by my own doctor whose arthritis had been helped from following Dee's food plan. Although I was also 65 pounds overweight, I figured that the extra weight was just age-related. I was not looking to loose weight when I meet Dee for consultation.

Within three days of adopting Dee's food plan, I noticed I had less joint pain as I walked to my mailbox. I continued to eliminate processed foods, refined sugars and wheat products, and increased my intake of vegetables, fruits, healthy oils, and lean protein as she recommended. Not only did my arthritis pain disappear, my extra weight literally melted away.

Within four months, I had lost 65 pounds. It has been one year now and my weight has remained steady at a wonderful 125 pounds.

I get up in the morning without aches and pains; my skin is better; my hair is shinier and healthier. Even my nasal allergy symptoms have been reduced to the point that I no longer have to take allergy medicine.

As my arthritis pains decreased, Dee worked with me to include yoga exercise into my daily routine. It is amazing how good I feel.

From working with Dee and following her plan, I now know that food is a fuel, not a reward. I understand the effect of food on my body's pH, and the need to eliminate refined sugars, meats that are tainted with anitbiotics and hormones, and unhealthy fats for me to stay healthy.

Today my body works so well. This plan is simple to follow and so satisfying that I am not tempted to backslide. With all of the vegetables, fruits, healthy oils, and lean protein that I eat daily, I am never hungry.

Recently, I was flattered and delighted when a local television station included my story on one of their health segments.  I was so happy to let others know about how well Dee's food plan works.

I rave about this food plan to my family and friends. I encourage everyone to give Dee's processed-free program a week and see how much better they will feel.

Colleen Politi, Glendale, Arizona


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