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Food has never been very important to me; in fact, I would just as soon ignore food as eat it. That is probably because for so many years everything I would eat would cause digestive problems. I grew up eating a very traditional diet of meats, potatoes, fats, breads, and red meat. My mom, who is in her nineties, still eats red meat everyday.

Throughout my adult life, I could never figure out a food plan that would sit well on my stomach. I just assumed that there was not a way to eat that would agree with me, and so I would eat as little as possible, or I would just skip meals altogether. As a result, I was always underweight for my height and build. I figured that this was the way my life was going to be and I toughed it out.

It was when a friend, who was being helped for migraine problems by Dee McCaffrey, invited me to meet Dee that my life changed. After listening to my health story, Dee designed a food plan specific to my nutrition and digestion issues. But, it was not a one time plan that cured me. Instead, Dee has worked with me over the past several years on a regular basis to modify and evaluate every aspect of the food plan she recommends.

It has been this process of fine tuning the types, quantities and combinations of foods that has helped us discover which foods my body tolerates and thrives on, and which foods I need to avoid. Following Dee's plan, I eliminated all dairy, wheat, refined sugars, and even fish from my diet. Instead, I've learned how to build my diet around whole grains like quinoa, lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, coconut milk, and natural sugars like honey or agave. I have also discovered that using protein powder in recipes, and to make smoothies, is the best way for me to absorb protein.

Today while I am still slender, I am at a healthy weight. Plus, before eating as Dee recommends, I was not only extremely underweight, I suffered from osteoporosis. After following Dee's nutrition guidelines for the past several years, the results of my most recent bone density scan showed that I have improved to the point of being back in normal range.

Now, I cook everything for myself, and have learned to plan ahead when going out to dinner or over to friend's homes. All my friends know that I will bring my own dinner, and are intrigued by the good foods I make for myself.

It has been great to see how my family has been impacted by watching me get healthy. I have a brother-in-law who has had some medical problems and I have inspired him to seek nutritional help. My niece even has sought help from Dee after seeing how my health improved.

Learning about nutrition from Dee was what I needed because nutrition was not taught in school when I was growing up. No one taught me about eating right. I was lucky to have met Dee. I have been so happy with the changes in my life, and I now feel so good. I have learned how to eat foods that work with my digestion system, and as a result have experienced renewed health.

She is very supportive, and I appreciate her on-going commitment to assist me in being healthy. Because of Dee, I have a new strategy for aging.

Ted Kreimier, Scottsdale, Arizona

Living in a fog is the best way that I know to describe how I felt before I adopted Dee's eating plan. For years I was always so tired that I could barely drag myself through the day; it was a struggle just to stay awake. The doctors labeled it Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Worse were the constant stomach pains and bloating with which I suffered that the doctors blamed on Irritable Bowl Syndrome.

Neither my medical doctor nor the naturopath I consulted with had answers for me. Even more frustrating was when all my blood tests results showed in the normal range.

Sure I tried various medicines, took recommended vitamins, and even took antidepressants prescribed by my doctor. While these medicines did help me feel better and be functional enough to pursue other help, they did not cure me. Unfortunately, I had the distressing side-affects of weight gain and feeling sluggish. It seemed that my body's metabolism kept slowing down. I would tell my husband that I felt so toxic.

Fortunately that is not the end of my story. The turning point came when my husband happened to catch a health segment being shown on one of our local TV stations that featured Dee McCaffrey. After hearing how a client of Dee's who followed her nutrition plan experienced a turn around in her health, my husband encouraged me to contact Dee.

I was at a point to try something different from all of the low calorie diets and medicines that I had been using. The problem I found with regular diets is that they are about cutting calories and not really about correct nutrition. Nothing I was doing was healing me.

When I had my first meeting with Dee, right off the bat she told me that I looked toxic! I knew then that I was on the correct track. Dee designed a plan that I followed to the letter. After completing a digestive cleanse, I totally changed how I ate by cutting from my food plan all gluten, dairy, processed foods, sugars, and anything artificial. Instead Dee designed a plant-based meal plan for me that was full of vegetables, grains, beans, lean protein, and fruits. I even got to add healthy oils like flaxseed and coconut oil which was a revelation to me.

Almost immediately I felt the change. It was so amazing how my body responded to eating this new way. My body finally started to function normally for the first time in ten years as both my IBS problems and the chronic fatigue symptoms stopped. Not only was I no longer feeling sluggish and bloated, my extra thirty pound of weight literally started to fall away. I was eating so much food and yet did not have to count calories.

I had to face the reality that I am a flour, refined sugar and food addict. Coming from an Italian family where meals included lots of pastas, breads, and desserts, I had made those my major food groups. Today, I make different choices, and for me, eating healthy is an all or nothing decision. I would tell readers of Dee's book that if you have tried other diets and food plans and nothing has worked, do try Dee's program - it is different and you will see results.

My friends and family began commenting on how much brighter I looked. My energy level improved to the point that I no longer went through the day groggy and it was no longer a struggle to stay awake.  My husband and daughter tell me how much they like me this way, and have become my biggest support system. Today if they see me being tempted to eat bread, they almost rip it out of my hands. They support the new food choices that I make whether at home, at restaurants, or when we go on vacation. It does take more time to plan ahead, and commit to a mind set to not backslide, but for me it is so worth it.

Audry Britton, Glendale, Arizona

I am a breast cancer survivor. Although over the years I had tried various weight loss programs, it was not until my cancer surgery in 2005 that I faced the realization that I was not eating as healthy as I should. I knew I had to improve the way I ate to lose weight and to stay healthy. My lucky day was when a friend referred me to Dee McCaffrey because meeting Dee was an answer to my prayers.

I enrolled in Dee's food education course, and was totally enthralled by the information Dee shared. I am the type of person who needs to learn the why behind things. Dee taught me the why with her food plan, and the relationship of her recommended foods on good health.

I immediately changed how I eat. Today I feel so much better about what I put into my body. I no longer have any desire for processed foods with its disgusting fats, salt, and sugars. Dee influenced me to join a workout exercise program. I feel great and love that my muscles are stronger and I have so much more energy.

Although I still need to lose a few additional pounds, over the past two years I have been able to maintain a steady weight, despite daily medications I have to take. I am very happy with this as following Dee's program for me is not just about weight loss. It is about how wonderful I feel every day.

I tell everyone that Dee is my guardian angel. I was blessed to have met her when I was ready to learn and willing to face the truth that my old food habits were slowly killing my body. Without Dee I would not have known how to change my food habits and where to get the right information. She came into my life at the point I needed her most, and she gave me a recipe for long-term health. I just wish that I could have met her twenty years earlier.

Elizabeth Theilin, Glendale, Arizona

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