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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


I know what it's like to be standing in your shoes. Although I have maintained a weight loss of 100 pounds for over two decades, I am the same person who was barely able to comprehend the idea of letting go of the foods that were robbing me of my health.  Back then I was grotesquely obese, wearing a size 24 jeans that were worn out between the thighs and bursting at the seams. I was unhealthy, in the depths of hopelessness, and I could not see how I would ever be able to change.

But I took that first step. I got help and started learning and living. One day at a time, one bite at a time, I kept at it, parlaying that single step into a size 4 jeans, a 100-pound weight loss and a brand new life. Now is the time to begin. What are you waiting for?

If I can do it, YOU CAN TOO!

I learned that to make a true lifestyle change, I needed help, education and ongoing support.  That is why I now give back to others in a similar fashion.

As a scientist, a trained nutrition professional, and someone who has literally been there, I am uniquely qualified to guide you on your path to good health. I create a highly supportive environment and provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to achieve your full health potential.

In addition to weight loss, my personalized eating programs can effectively improve symptoms of arthritis, digestive problems (Chrons, colitis, IBS, reflux), allergies, asthma, celiac disease, low energy, insomnia, anxiety, depression, skin complaints, headaches, and more. My personalized eating programs can also help you prevent or cope with chronic diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

Distance is not a barrier

If you live in the Phoenix, Arizona area, sessions may be conducted in person at my office. However I have clients all over the U.S. and in the U.K., and the counseling is just as effective through telephone consults and email support. Skype is also an option. While face to face counseling has certain benefits, phone and internet consulting is often a more convenient option for the average person with a busy lifestyle.

Insurance May Reimburse For These Services

With the number of chronic health conditions on the rise, and the scientific proof that many of them can be managed through diet and lifestyle changes, more and more insurers are recognizing the value of one-on-one advice from a nutritionist. If your doctor can write you a “prescription” to see a nutritionist to improve a diagnosed health problem (obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc.), it is likely that your insurance company or flex plan will cover all or part of Dee’s services.

For many of Dee’s clients, nutrition counseling is categorized as "medical nutrition therapy"—a type of medical “intervention” that is viewed by insurance companies as more medically necessary than just “nutrition education” or “counseling.” A landmark report by the National Academy of Sciences' Institute of Medicine (IOM) concludes that getting nutritional therapy is often well worth the cost. It showed that more than half the people who saw a dietician or nutritionist just three or four times reduced their cholesterol so much that they didn’t need cholesterol-lowering medication. 

While Dee does not have the ability to accept insurance directly, she can provide you with a receipt that has all the necessary codes your insurance company needs so that you can be reimbursed and she can walk you through the process and direct you on how to submit your claims.

Program Options

I offer two program options; choose one that works right for you:

The Kickstarter Program

$575 Regular Price
(payable in a single $250 deposit and the remainder during the 90-minute Initial Consultation).

If you are a self-motivator, but would benefit from my expertise to help you "put it all together", this program is for you.  I'll help you find the right nutritional balance for your health goals and lifestyle, and provide the support and motivation to help you achieve those goals.

This program includes:

  • 30-Minute Pre-Assessment and Get-Acquainted Phone Consultation
  •  90-Minute Initial Consultation (in person or on the phone)
  •  Personalized Eating Plan with Portion Guidelines and Tailored Menus (recipes included as necessary)
  •  Health and Lifestyle Goal Setting
  •  Two 1-hour Follow-Up Consultations, scheduled every other week


3-Month Comprehensive Lifestyle Program

$1775 Regular Price
(payable in a single $375 deposit and three scheduled installments).

If you want to release excess weight, or if you are challenged with a chronic health problem, you may need more in-depth counseling and more accountability. This comprehensive program is for those who want ongoing reinforcement and support. If necessary, we will address emotional eating issues, stress or other challenges you may have encountered in the past.

I will teach you how to make the transition from a processed-foods diet to a natural foods diet that will support and improve your health.  Building upon the lifestyle changes introduced in your early sessions, we work closely to help you make real changes - changes you can live with successfully on a long-term basis - in the way you approach food, fitness, and the challenges and opportunities of living. 

This program includes:

  • 30-Minute Pre-Assessment and Get-Acquainted Phone Consultation
  •  90-Minute Initial Consultation (in person or on the phone)
  •  Personalized Eating Plan with Portion Guidelines and Tailored Menus (recipes included as necessary)
  •  Health and Lifestyle Goal Setting
  •  Four 50-minute Follow-Up Consultations, first 4 weeks
  •  Eight 30-minute Follow-Up Consultations, remaining 8 weeks
  •  Two emails per week for the entire 12 week program to answer questions and provide additional support between consults


Additional Follow-Up Consultations

The follow-up consultations are where the real progress is made.  During these consultations, we discuss your eating behaviors and the circumstances that lead to unhealthy eating as well as work together to develop strategies for achieving long-term health goals. These can be purchased individually or in packages.

60 minutes $ 90 (reduced to $75 if purchased in a package of 4 )

30 minutes $ 50 (reduced to $45 if purchased in a package of 4)


How to Get Started

Once you decide which program is right for you, click on the below link to open my calendar page and schedule your 30-Minute Pre-Assessment phone consultation.  I will collect your deposit via credit card over the phone during this appointment.

Dee McCaffrey is not accepting new clients at this time.


More About My Approach

My nutrition counseling service is a specialized program, in which I spend a great deal of time working with you one-on-one.  As each person's nutritional requirements, preferences, and lifestyle are different, there is no one universal eating plan that works for everyone. However, there is one universal principle we can all follow to reap the benefits of a happy mind and a healthy body: Eat foods in their closest to natural form as possible.

In my work with you, I combine this principle with the very best nutritional science. 

Not only have I studied all the major dietary theories, I've tried many of them too.  From Eastern-inspired diets like Ayurveda, to Western diets like The Fat Flush Plan and Eat Right for Your Type.  I am also intimately familiar with the food plans utilized by those recovering from food addiction and other eating disorders.

I also bring to the table knowledge of many important biological properties--how your body metabolizes food, fights off toxins, repairs DNA, and does the many hundreds of other things that are required to sustain life. I will help you gain an understanding of how your specific food and lifestyle choices directly impact these processes, and ways to reverse damage that may have already been done.

Using the "processed-free" philosophy outlined in my books I develop a personalized eating plan that best addresses your specific nutritional needs and health goals.  I focus on the underlying cause of health problems and use nutrition to strengthen areas of weakness and reverse tendencies toward disease. Our time together will help you better understand your body, the foods that are best suited for you, and how to prepare and incorporate those foods into your meals and snacks. 

In follow-up sessions, we work together on helping you to achieve your health goals, including addressing and working to break through any barriers you may have encountered in the past.

Given time and the right ingredients, the body has an inherent ability to heal itself. The operative words here are "the right ingredients".  My training and passion lies in helping you find the right ingredients for your body.


More About The 30-Minute Pre-Assessment and Getting Acquainted Phone Consult

This consult allows us to get acquainted and for me to gather some preliminary health information from you.  We'll talk about your needs and goals, I can answer any questions you have about the program, and I will set up an appointment time for your Initial Consultation.

After we've had our Pre-Assessment, I will send you a welcome letter, my intake/consent form, and a set of Food Record pages. You will need to keep a record of everything you eat and drink for 3 days.

These forms will need to be returned by fax or email at least three days prior to the initial consultation. This gives me time to review the forms, and helps to maximize our time together. If you have recent blood tests or other lab reports, you may fax them to me also.


More About The 90- Minute Initial Consultation

Based on the information from your pre-assessment, intake forms, and food records, we will go over your food history, your current lifestyle, and discuss what changes you may need to make with regard to your current food choices. You will be provided with a personalized dietary protocol, portion and menu guidelines and recommendations for health and lifestyle goals.

If appropriate, I will make recommendations for nutritional supplements. Otherwise this will be discussed in the next follow-up session.